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Does Rekeying Your Locks Beneficial?

Rekeying Locksmith in New York
Rekeying Locksmith in New York

Rekeying locks could be necessary for several reasons. You might have just moved into your new home and need to replace all locks or maybe some keys are missing. No matter what the reason is, there are many benefits to this kind of process.
You can keep a spare key with you all the time, and if someone has an older copy of the key, it can no longer be used because it won’t fit in the lock anymore. This is a great way to ensure safety in your home. Even if one of your keys falls out of your bag or pocket, it’s impossible for someone can enter the house without that key.

What do you mean by Rekeying Locks?

Lock rekeying is the process of changing the functionality of a lock mechanism to match it to a new key. This service provides increased security against previous owners while remaining cost-effective since you’re still using the existing locking system.
At New York Locksmith Network INC. we will first remove the entire lock frame from your door in order to access the lock cylinder. The lock cylinder, which is the central section of any system, houses all the internal workings. It is usually made up of five different sizes of pins that are set in a unique pattern of depths, this makes up the form of the key. Once the locksmith can access these pins and create a new pattern to match the new key.

Top 5 Benefits of Rekeying locks:

There are many reasons why your locks need to be rekeyed. Locks can easily be damaged and with that, the key will not work again. Below are the top 5 benefits of rekeying your locks.

1.  Improves the security of your home

It can be very frustrating to lose a key or have it stolen. This is especially if you don’t know who else has a copy. It’s not just the inconvenience of losing the key to your home, but also the security at stake. Anyone who has a copy can gain access to your home or office at any time they want.
Rekeying your lock is an easy solution in case of a security breach. This will give you peace of mind and help keep your home safe.

2.  Affordable than changing your locks

It can be expensive and time-consuming to replace all locks after you lose your key. Rekeying is an affordable alternative, especially if there are many locks that need to be changed.

3.  Environmentally-friendly

Rekeying is a way to modify your locks to make them more compatible with a new key. It is very simple and convenient. Rekeying is also an environmentally-friendly option as it doesn’t require new hardware. Rekeying is a way to reduce the number of materials you use and waste while maintaining security in your home.

4.  Rekeying locks reduce cost

Rekeying your locks is cheaper than changing them. New hardware is more costly and labor-intensive than traditional locks. You can update your security with rekeying without having to spend extra on new hardware.

5.  It gives you a master key

All your doors should be rekeyed to get one master key. Ask your locksmith for one key that will allow you to access all of your locks. This simplifies your life as you won’t need to keep managing multiple keys.

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