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The Most Common Kinds Of Commercial Locks

A mortise lock is the most common lock used in commercial establishments
Common Kinds Of Commercial Locks

As a business owner, breaking into your business is your last nightmare to be dealing with, especially in New York City. An
emergency Locksmith in New York is very helpful in case someone breaks into your property. It’s therefore always best to plan and outfit your business with the highest security locks. 

There are a variety of security products in the market to choose from. Businesses are using a security system that includes cameras, alarms, and detectors. But, all of these measures may not be as efficient without a good locking system. What kind of lock is best for commercial properties? New York Locksmith Network Inc. knows everything about all types of locks and is willing to share our expertise with you.


Top 5 Kinds Of Commercial Locks:

1.   Mortise Locks

A lock that is commonly used in commercial locks is a mortise lock. Business owners prefer it due to how durable and robust it is. They are extremely sturdy and can withstand numerous cycles of closing and opening and closing, which is vital for commercial buildings.

The primary elements of a mortise lock comprise a lock body spindle, cylinder as well as a strike plate. There may be other attributes that also increase the security of the mortise lock. This kind of lock requires the cutting of a pocket at the edges of the door to accommodate it to be fitted with a lock. Another benefit of these lock types is they’re durable enough to resist forced entry.

Remember mortise locks require professional installation. You’ll need to require Locksmiths who specialize in commercial locksmith services.

2.   Panic Bars

A further important element of security for commercial buildings is a plan for fire safety. Commercial buildings must have the possibility of an escape door that people are able to make use of in the event of an emergency.

What’s the best lock to secure doors that exit? It is designed to allow an easy way to access. The majority of business owners buy panic bars to secure their exit door. The type of lock you need to choose is non-keyed. To unlock it, you’ll need to push either the handles or the bar. The bars have handles on their sides. When they are pressed, their latch will retract.

The main benefit of these locks is the fact that they are able to last for a long duration. It does require special care. It isn’t a good idea to let it fail in the event of an emergency.

3.   Electric Strike Locks

Another kind of lock that is typically employed in commercial structures can be described as an electronic strike lock. Based on the name the lock comes with an electric strike plate rather than the standard mechanical one. This kind of lock is often used with other locks, such as the ones with keypads as well as panic bars.

There are two kinds of electric strikes: secure and fail-safe ones. The first kind remains unlocked even when the power goes out. The second is totally different. It will remain locked even when the power is shut off. A fail-safe lock is an excellent alternative for emergency doors, and the fail-secure lock provides greater safety for front doors. Before you purchase an electric strike lock you must decide the type that will meet your requirements more.

4.   Keypad Door Locks

If you have a large industrial structure that is equipped with a mechanical lock may not be the best option. A lot of people pass through the building on a daily basis which means that the lock is likely to wear out quicker. It’s also difficult to keep all keys in good order when you have a lot of employees. This is the reason why more business owners opt for keypad locks for their offices.

With proper care, They will last for a longer time than standard mechanical locks. This type of lock will enhance the security of your home by allowing you to restrict who has access to it. You can give access to specific individuals and limit access to other people. Digital keypad locks permit you to keep track of every visitor. Certain locks could come with biometric authentication too.

The only issue you could encounter in this particular lock could be a power loss. It’s best to have an action plan in the event that something similar occurs.

5.   Cylindrical Lever Locks

The most popular mechanical lock used for commercial use is the cylindrical lever lock. The main benefit of these locks is their long-lasting durability which is crucial for commercial establishments, given the number of people who visit the premises. The type of lock is operated by a key or both keys, and an electronic push button. 

It’s comprised of a lever, cylinder, and latches, as well as a rose. It is easily put in place and is very safe.

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If you’re a business owner and you want to ensure the security of your premises should be the top priority. One of the most crucial aspects to take into consideration is the kind of commercial lock you’ll use.

If you need any help in the lock repair & installation process, New York Locksmith Network INC. will be happy to do the task for you. 

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