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Top 4 Best Business Lockout Solutions in 2023

Business Lockout Solutions
Business or Office Lockout Solutions

Being locked out in your office or business is something you should be dealing with when managing or running a business. Lockouts can be stressful under situations like this, however its more worst when the company or job is dependent on you being able to access your office, store, and files, as well as your safe fleet vehicle, and more.

This is the worst-case scenario for any business owner losing out on time and money. Your office or business is closed, and you need to get it back up and functioning as soon as possible. Finding a professional locksmith who knows how to fix the problem quickly can seem impossible. The answer – call New York Locksmith Network INC.!

Whatever the reason, whether it’s a lock failure, a lost or broken key, damaged or a door being shut behind you, New York Locksmith Network INC. will arrive quickly to provide you with the help you need to ensure that your day (and your business) goes smoothly. Call us or send us a message today to find out why many local commercial establishments in New York depend on us to resolve all lock problems they come across.

What Are The 3 Reasons You Get Locked Out Of The Office?

There are four main options for what to do whenever you locked out from your office, but not every office lockout gives you the option of the four choices. After we identify the cause of the lockout of your workplace, that’s when we recommend the best solution.

1.   Misplaced Key

The simplest business lockout problem to fix is when the time you lost your keys. Based on where it could be possible to get the key back or find your lost key. However, if you don’t then you’ll still have the access to all the options to solve a problem with a company lockout. The lock is working normally, and you could get someone to retrieve an extra lock or have the lock unlocked by a professional locksmith.

2.   Broken Key

This kind of business lockout is similar to losing a key, but there is the additional condition of having to remove the damaged key from the lock. Do not attempt to put your damaged key inside the lock as it could result being locked out of your workplace for a long period of time.

3.   Broken lock

You could still use your keys and be locked from your workplace if your door lock is failing. It is important to know the scope of the problem you’re having. For instance whether the lock is broken completely or perhaps it’s a minor issue like the stuck door latch.

Top 4 Best Way To Solve An Business Or Office Lockout

The most popular solutions for having locked out of your office may not be all the options available. If you’re dealing with a malfunctioning lock, you might be able to bring it working temporarily. If you’ve lost your keys and locked out, you might get them back. However, if you are completely locked out of your workplace, try the following methods.

1.   Different Entrance

If you’re being locked out of your workplace, it is most likely that you are locked out at the main entry point (ie. employee entrance). Instead of focusing only on the door you use as your main access point, look out for other options. A lockout can solved by going to the near unit and use the door that connects the two properties.

2.   Co-workers

If you have other employees in the building, call them to get their attention and inform them that you are locked out of the office. But, If you are the only one currently at the office, you’ll have to call an employee with an access key. This might not work when you can’t reach your co-workers due to their shifts or during their day offs or if you’re the only one who has keys.

3.   Building Management

If you locked out in your workplace, It may be possible to get in touch with a building administrator with access to the spare key. It’s similar to calling another employee, it means that they will need to pick up the phone and be available to help you.

4.   Commercial Locksmith

Whenever you locked out of your office, you can make one call to make sure you will solve your business lockout. Commercial locksmiths like New York Locksmith Network INC. have the specialized training and tools to open higher security locks in offices and businesses. New York Locksmith Network INC. is also available to assist with other business lockout services.

A locksmith will be your only option if you locked out of the office due to a broken door lock. If the lock broken and locked out of your business, it will be necessary to open the door to replace it. To ensure your security, both the opening and replacement must done at the same time. Make sure to find the best locksmith company near you to make sure the job done correctly.

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